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“The needs of the patient come first.”
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A Professional patient-centered management system

At PARKWEONWOOK Hospital (Hospital Director Park Weon-wook) you will find surgeons who have expertise in spine and joint. They are highly experienced with orthopedic surgery (spine and joints), neurosurgery (spinal and central nervous system), neurology (central nervous system, stroke, Parkinson's disease and peripheral neuropathy), radiology, and anesthesiology.

A worldwide, patient-centered medical system
◆ Unparalleled professional care with experienced medical staff and the best equipment
◆ Developing a new medical culture through a preeminent health care system
◆ Inspiring hope and nurture by treating patients with sensitivity and empathy Now PWW Hospital begins a special treatment with each patient.

Spine Center

Guided by deeply experienced professions in unilateral biportal endoscopic surgery, PWW Hospital provides patients with a complete spectrum of spine care solutions: identifying the right problem, pain treatment, non-surgical and surgical procedure, advanced surgery and biportal endoscopic surgery.

<A spinal-treatment>
Cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis / internal disc derangement / lumbar disc herniation / cervical disc herniation / ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament(OPLL) / Yellow ligamentum ossification / Spondylolisthesis / Spinal compression fracture / Scoliosis and kyphosis / Degenerative spinal diseases / Spinal tuberculosis and tumors

★ Surgical treatment
  • Unilateral biportal endoscoic surgery (Cervical, thoracic and lumbar decompression and Fusion)
  • Endoscopic and microscopic discectomy (Cervical and lumbar spine)
  • Scoliosis and kyphosis surgery and brace treatments Back-Access Spine Reconstruction(Posterior Vertebral Column Resection and reconstruction
  • Total disc replacement (cervical and lumbar) and motion preservation surgeries
  • Cervical laminoplasty

★ Non-surgical treatment
  • Neuroplasty (Cervical and lumbar)
  • Balloon neuroplasty (Lumbar)
  • Intradiscal electrothermal therapy (IDET) (cervical and lumbar)
  • Fluoroscopy guided interventional micro adhesiolysis and nerve stimulation (FIMS)
  • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for spine fracture
  • Prolo therapy

Joint center

At PWW hospital, your doctor will always work with you on nonsurgical treatment options first. If surgery is the right option for you, the doctor will provide the best results with profound academic knowledge and innovative surgical techniques.

<Joint disease treatment>

Degenerative arthritis / Frozen shoulder / Rotational muscle rupture / Calcification tendinitis / Habitual shoulder dislocation / Carpal tunnel syndrome / Anterlor and posterior cruciate rupture / Total and hemi knee joint replacement arthroplasty / rheumatoid arthritis / Flantar fascitis / Hallux valgus of the treat toe / Achilles tendinitis / Total hip joint replacement arthroplasty

<Stem cell (cartistem) regeneration>
Cartistem, the world's first arthritis cartilage regeneration stem cell treatment A treatment which involves only a simple operation with minimal cutaneous incision that aims to restore damaged cartilage and to alleviate pain.

Central nervous system disease CENTER

  • Cerebral vascular disease (brain infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.)
  • degenerative diseases (such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cerebellar atrophy, etc.)
  • Demyelinating disease (multiple sclerosis)
  • Metabolic disorder (hepatic encephalopathy, confusion due to high blood sugar, hypoxia of the brain)
  • Malnutrition/addiction (subacute combined degeneration, alcoholism, tremor, delirium etc.)
  • Trauma (brain hemorrhage, posttraumatic syndrome, etc.)
  • infectious disease (meningitis, encephalitis, etc.)
  • Functional diseases (migraine, essential tremor, orthostatic hypotension, BPPV dizzy ,autonomic nervous system disorder, epilepsy, etc.)
  • Sleep disorders (sleeping apnea, narcolepsy, Restless leg syndrome, insomnia, etc.)

Pain Clinic

★ Prolotherapy : a treatment that relieves pain and regenerates weakened ligaments and tendons.
★ Trigger point injection : a treatment that injects into tightened muscles that helps to relieve pain and prevent re-tightening.
★ Neurotherapy : a treatment that injects solution into nerve-wrapping membranes to relieve compression caused by bone or disc and to prevent inflammation.

Sports Medical Center

Sports Medical Center (SMC) is a spine and joint specialized center. The center’s main purpose is to relieve pain and ultimately improve quality of life of the patients.
<SMC Treatment equipment>
DITI(Digital Infrared Themal Imaging) / three-dimensional whole body scanner / 3D Centour(testing of core-muscles strength & exercise) / Non-invasive Vascular Screening Device / diagnosis & analysis of arteriosclerosis / Bone densitometry / ex-body(body postural analysis & foot pressure measurement) / Spine-MT(non-surgical spinal decompression therapy) / Sling therapeutic exercise equipment

UBE(Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy) CENTER

What is UBE?

Unilateral Biportal Endoscope(UBE)

UBE refers to a method of surgical procedure for spinal disorders by drilling two holes in the spine, about 7mm into the spine, with an ultra-high-definition endoscope in one hole, instead of a full-body anesthetic incision.


Endoscopic Inserting
- Ultra-high-definition endoscope provides clear and wide surgical field
- All spinal diseases can be operated for safe treatment

Endoscopy. Simultaneous insertion of surgical instruments.
-Restrict the scope of surgery due to simultaneous insertion of endoscopy and surgical instruments
-Restricted use of various surgical instruments and limited surgical field of view
-Using back disks mainly, not possible for high-level surgery

<Advactages of the UBE>

  • Small incision and minimal muscle damage and minimal muscle weakness
  • Minimal postoperative infection
  • UBE can be done with epidural and spinal anesthesia
  • Little bleeding so, no transfusion even in fusion surgery
  • Little wound scar
  • No spinal instability related with operation
  • Rapid return to previous daily life

Proven medical skills with over 6,000 unique treatments

UBE (directional scoliosis) allows surgery for all spinal disorders, such as spondylosis.

(Unilateral Biportal Endoscope)UBE training course.

PWW Hospital has been getting ever-increasing attention from spine surgeons all around the globe.

PWW Hospital has been focused on research and development of ultimate medical treatment technology, while always keeping the patients' quality of life put in the most priority concern.

PWW Hospital is consolidating its position as Global Education Center with the state-of-the-art spine surgery technology, UBE, for the visiting spine surgeons around the world.

UBE Medical-Technology Dissemination Country
[ As of June 2019, Medical staff from 26 countries]

PWW Hospital specialization

EOS(3D X-ray)
  • ·Less radiation exposure compared to CT & X-ray
  • ·Simultaneous full body scan.
  • ·A single shot from head to toe. (Cf, existing X-ray has a maximum length of 90cm)
  • ·A weight-loaded image while standing.
  • ·Takes on 18 seconds for filming.

clean-up laminar flow and hepafilter operation room

Our ultimate goal is to minimize O.R. infection rate to 0%. Starting the first clean sterile operation room in Busan in 2011, we are operating the Laminar flow/Positive Pressure Surgery Room/Operation Room without wires / Low-Plasma Sterilization Machine / Low Heat Generation / Patient Temperature Maintenance System.


A device using ultrasonic waves that resects the only problematic lesion without damaging the surrounding tissue. It reduces unnecessary tissue damage, nerve damage, and vascular damage. As a result, we can expect both lesser pain and the possibility of relapse.


DNA GPS (a personalized genetic test) A simple genetic test that reveals health insights using your DNA. Both genetic and environmental factors are involved when developing a disease. Therefore, managing your environmental factors is crucial when you have a high possibility of developing a disease genetically.

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